Buying your tickets online allows you, among other things, to plan your holidays, to be sure that the place is open during your desired day, and to avoid queues at the entrance of the castles. A few websites allow you to purchase these tickets. However, they are often limited to a geographical area and only sell well-known places entrance tickets.

Start-up created by young heritage enthusiasts, Patrivia is the online tickets e-shop for lovers of old stones. On this platform, you will discover more than 200 places (most of them are castles) in Belgium and France.

Buy your tickets via Patrivia offers you many advantages:

  • Planning: An online calendar allows you to know the opening days / hours. You are therefore sure that the place will be open when you come in order to visit it.
  • Saving time: By buying your tickets online, you do not waste time at the entrance of the castle.
  • Closed castles: Some places are usually closed to the public and are not present on the internet. However, they open their doors for people who buy tickets via Patrivia. The purchase of your entries through Patrivia allows you to book tours and discover monuments usually closed to the public.
  • New discoveries: Thanks to a search function, indicate a city and discover the many places to visit in this region. You will discover heritage gems, (un)known to the public.
  • Places and events: Patrivia also sells tickets for events organized by historic houses. In addition to visits, you can participate in many events that you will discover through Patrivia.

Patrivia is one of our partners with whom we collaborate. If you want to know more, to propose other places or to ask us questions, do not hesitate to contact us (


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