In Mayenne, between Brittany and Normandy, is located the castle of Lassay, built in the fifteenth century. Its atypical shape (8 interconnected towers) makes it a unique castle. This castle has been inhabited by the same family since the beginning of the 19th century.

We interviewed Cecilia de Montalembert (read this interview here), whose husband inherited the castle. They live there with their children and have already launched crowdfunding campaigns to undertake urgent renovation work.


For several decades, the castle has been open to the public, from Easter to the first November weekend. For groups, it is open all year round, by reservation. The tour is led by a guide who will make you discover different furnished rooms of the castle. The tour is complemented by a walk in the romantic park.


Many activities are organized at the castle. The current owners of the castle want to make their castle alive and constantly organize new original animations, always consistent with the castle of Lassay or its history. Among these activities are open-air theatre, night visits of the castle, historical reconstructions, climbing initiation … on the walls of the castle!, shows of tightrope walkers on cables stretched between the towers of the castle, etc.