In Normandy (Calvados department), stands the magnificent Renaissance mansion that is the Fontaine-Henry Castle. This castle has been for 800 years in the same family! Indeed, it has never been sold. Stone lace work on facades, highest roofs of France, family furniture and number of stories … This Fontaine-Henry Castle is worth visiting.


The guided tour will take you in various rooms of the castle (tours in English and French with paper in English, German, Spanish, Russian and Dutch). Pictures are not allowed inside the castle. A booklet with games and didactic questions is available to guide the children during the visit.

The visit is very interesting but unfortunately there are only a few visits planned by the afternoon (it was the case in 2015). However, if you have to wait before visiting the castle, you can walk in the park (various wooden games are available), freely visit the cellars of Fontaine-Henry Castle and the seigniorial chapel. Since this castle is still inhabited by the family, it is not open to the public during the afternoon.

The castle is regularly open from June to September. It is also open during some days of April, May and October. Shop and tea room are also available.


In the park, there are many old games. Moreover, many activities are organized throughout the year: 18th century weekend, Halloween activities, night tours, games and chivalry festival, painting competitions, workshops for children (stone cutting, flower arrangement decoration, illumination …) and art workshops (lace, glass work …).