Just ahead of holiday or a weekend, we want to find places to visit, places to stay, activities to make in order to spend a memorable vacation time! And if this year you rent a castle for a few nights? Or would you rather spend a weekend? More and more castles owners offer to rent their castle or guest rooms in their home.

Many associations or companies were created to gather these castles and allow you to find one that best fits your needs.

Discover our selection:

Votre château de famille – France

“Votre château de famille” gathers some French châteaux owners who have decided to bring to light together their property. Whether for a wedding, a weekend or holiday, discover very pretty French private properties! At “Votre château de famille”, you have the opportunity not to only rent rooms but entire castles! What we love about this site is the clarity of the information. Indeed, for each castle, you see directly, among others, what are the prices, availability, activities to do around the castle and comments from people who have already rented the castle.

Bienvenue au château – France

Bienvenue au château” is an association of French castles owners who have decided to rent rooms in their castle. This site also allows you to rent rooms or to buy gift vouchers: you pay a certain amount to buy the voucher (different kind of vouchers are available) and the person receiving your gift may choose from a selection of castles (depending on the type of voucher). Do you want to spend a few nights in French chateaux? We advise you to order their (free) guide. This nice guide (in English and French) lists all the castles and is very easy to use: each castle is accompanied by a drawing and a clear description.

Rêve de châteaux – France

“Rêve de châteaux” is a website created by the association “VMF” (Vieilles Maisons Françaises – Old French Houses) which bring together hundreds of castles owners and lovers of old stones. “Rêve de châteux” was created to bring together in one place castles that can be visited or rented (wedding, weekend, vacation, seminars). “Rêve de châteaux” also allows you to easily find practical information about visiting castles, exhibitions, special events, bed and breakfast, winemaking castles…

Celtic Castle – United Kingdom, Scotland, France

This English website lists many English, Irish and Scottish castles and some French castles. You can choose the type of accommodation (bed and breakfasts, cottages, rental for an event (personal or professional) …) or be tempted by a trip between castles (different themes are available). Depending to the castles, it is possible to rent the castle (with or without staff) or rooms of the castle. This website encourages you to contact Roger, the founder, for advice, which is very convenient.

Into History – Europe

“Into History” presents a selection of rooms, in Europe, places where history can be seen. “Into history” is above all a journey through time, a parenthesis. There are not only rooms of castles (there are also farms, trains, hotels, abbeys) but these are unusual places that will make you travel through the centuries. With numerous themes (famous character, unusual accommodation, parks and gardens …) and criteria (price, location, types of buildings …), the search is easy. The articles published on the site are also very interesting, allow you to understand the philosophy of “Into History” and give tips to dive in history.

Historic Hotels of Europe – Europe

This company show more than 500 rooms of houses, castles, abbeys … historic hotels in Europe. So there are not only castles. This website offers routes including different places to stay, you can easily find rooms according to several criteria (golf, property type, geographic area …). “Historic hotels of Europe” is also a label that brings together different European national companies with charming hotels within their countries. The site is really well done, it concerns only renting rooms but a blog is also published including articles about cities, holiday types…