Versailles is one of the most famous castles in the world! Its greatness, splendor, history, sculptures, architecture, countless gardens, ceilings, mirrors, history make it an exceptional castle!

This castle welcomes millions of visitors every year. Millions of people want to discover the history of the Sun King, enter the royal apartments, enjoy the mirror games in the Hall of Mirrors where was signed the Treaty of Versailles.

Versailles represents the greatness of France, the excessiveness of a king, the genius of architects, the beauty of gardens, Versailles is not comparable. Versailles is Versailles and that’s why this castle still attracts many curious.

At Versailles, there are also rooms filled with lovers of beautiful things, there are hundreds of children running in parks, they are waiting hours to get entrance tickets (in high season). Yes, Versailles must be visited once, many times, we have never seen everything in this castle.

However, there are some very interesting alternatives, cheaper, that allow you to (re) discover Versailles without going to Versailles. Discover here another idea.

Versailles in Arras, “Arras vous fait la cour”

This very interesting exhibition (we visited it a few months ago) is worth a visit. Although we already knew Versailles (we already went there several times), this exhibition enabled us to rediscover Versailles.

This exhibition highlights 100 masterpieces of Versailles. The scenography is superb, objects are very well highlighted and the explanations are very interesting. The works are arranged around six main themes: “Gold, marble, bronze and silver,” “woodworks & marquetry” “waters and fountains,” “parks and groves”, “Trianon Flowers” “Festivities and fires”.

Why must you visit this exhibition?

  • There is much less crowded than Versailles, allowing you to take the time to admire each masterpiece, read the explanations, admire the finesse of the masterpieces of Versailles and the entry price of the exhibition is more accessible than that of an entrance to the castle
  • Arras is only 2 hours from Paris, 2 hours from Brussels, 1 hour of Amiens, 40 minutes from Lille and feel free to share your car through cultural carpooling on (discover this start-up soon on Castellissim). If you do not have a car, or if you want to meet other people passionate about culture and culture heritage, go also on covoiture-art.
  • It’s a good reason to also visit the town of Arras (we recommend its main places and belfry, which are only a few minutes walk from the Museum of Fine Arts)
  • Whether you have already visited Versailles, you will do very pretty discoveries
  • The website of the exhibition is very informative and allows you to prepare your visit or to get more information about what you saw (if you would like to get the reference of an object or watch again an explanatory video, for example)

Versailles 3D

Do you want to discover Versailles without leaving your living room? Do you want to have fun at home? Have a look on Versailles 3D. This site allows you to visit Versailles through the centuries. Discover the many transformations of the castle, meet its successive owners, visit Versailles in 3D like you’ve never seen it.

Through Versailles 3D, you will not only discover Versailles in 3D but you will also understand changes made to the castle during its history, including recent restorations, you will be able to participate in games, … without leaving your home!

We have visited several times this Castle and Versailles 3D completes the visit made at Versailles.