Some of us really like visits, others much less. Some will visit castles; others prefer more leisure and sporting activities. Castles are all unique, although some are similar. They all have their own history, their own architecture. They make us dream, we would live there if we could, or we find them too big. One thing is sure: they do not leave us indifferent!

Castles are witnesses of our history forever, they are gathering places, although the lords and their courts have been increasingly replaced by their enthusiastic owners, society or the state and visitors, increasingly more numerous. Really? Cultural heritage does not always attract as many visitors as it deserves. Whose fault is it? Visitors are increasingly attracted by screens, beaches and sports or relaxing leisure? Not only! The world is changing and chateaux owners must also evolve. And that’s what they do more and more!

Ignore the clichés and go to the castle! No, a castle that’s not a pile of stones and dust! More and more of these touristic places vying for inventiveness:

  • Organisation of  cultural,  gastronomic, sports events such as candlelit dinners, foot races, theme days, exhibitions, concerts, …
  •  To make the visits more interactive and accessible by using new technologies
  • Create tours and activities for children by organizing visits for children, games, books, costumed tours
  • To make most affordable prices for families
  • To host you (bed and breakfast, room rentals, …)

These castles have always been places of life, celebrations, reception and must remain so. Whether you’re planning cultural holidays, sports or pure relaxation, think it out. Their programs are varied, they are numerous and just waiting for you.

The visit of a castle, your participation in an activity will allow you to know more about the history of the region, traditions, architecture, … a total escape. Be curious, push the door of the castles, they wait for you to deliver you some of their secrets.