Are you a cultural heritage lover? Do you want to help heritage preservation? Do you want to be sure that your money will be spent wisely? Do you want to follow what has been done with your donations?

This year, VMF, Vieilles Maisons Françaises, an association of Old Houses owners and lovers, launched its operation “Fous de Patrimoine”. What is it?

VMF selects a series of monument restoration projects (projects previously sent by the owners / associations to VMF) and then VMF submits these projects to the public, at the latest end of June. People can then select the project they prefer and the VMF Foundation will choose 4 other projects. These 5 projects are then released during the month of July.

From September, the 5 final projects are presented on the crowdfunding platform Ulule, then everyone can make a donation. The principle is very interesting because all projects aim to raise € 10,000, and for each euro offered, VMF agrees to pay another euro. The campaign lasts eight weeks and ends in November.

Here are the 5 selected projects for 2015, each campaign has achieved its goal (thank you!) :

  • The Castle of Lassay (Mayenne):

(Link to the fund-raising campaign: )

Restoration of a tower at the entrance of the castle which threatens to collapse at any moment? Read the interview of Lassay Castle owner here.

  • The Castle of Andlau (Bas-Rhin)

(Link to the fund-raising campaign: )

Two large gaps on exterior walls must be restored urgently, otherwise the site will probably close its doors to the public

  • The Château de Rochefort (Côte d’Or)

(Link to the fund-raising campaign: )

The castle is a real ruin and the works to be performed are colossal, the emergency is given to the rescue of the central wall which has 3 monumental carved fireplaces placed upright row (roofs, ceilings, floors, everything has disappeared)

  • Chapel of Le Mont-Eveque (Oise)

(Link to the fund-raising campaign:

Unique architectural gem (troubadour style), this chapel has no foundation and its framework, resting on fragile walls, threatens to collapse

  • The Abbey of Villelongue (Aude)

(Link to the fund-raising campaign: )

The refectory, now venue for concerts and exhibitions, is threatened with closure because its vaults exert too much pressure on one of the walls that could collapse at any time.

The “Fous de patrimoine 2015” campaign will end on November 13. Please, help these passionate owners! With your donation, you will get a tax deduction (for French people, see conditions) and a counterparty. Indeed, depending on the amount of your donation, you will receive a counterparty (special tours, invitations to events …). Counterparties are specified on the crowdfunding platform. On this site you can also see the previous years funded projects: .

Do not wait and go on the platform to support the restoration of these monuments. Every donation counts and is important, thank you for them! Spread the word!