In a few days, it will be Saints’ Day. Who says Saints’ Day, also says the very commercial holiday that is the Halloween party. Whether we like Halloween, whether we celebrate it, it is a good opportunity to shiver during a family trip in a castle.

Indeed, some castles prepare you some shivering surprises for Halloween. Bring your family and spend an unforgettable moment in one of these houses…

  • The Château de Serrant (Loire)

Night tours, ghosts, strange noises, doors slamming … Black legend, visits with candlelight, a disturbing atmosphere … Do you dare to come to the castle of Serrant? Please note, places are limited and reservations strongly recommended.

2016: 0ctober 30-31, November 1st

  • The Fort St. Elmo (Languedoc-Roussillon)

For halloween, various activities are offered at the fort: workshops, costume contest, guided tours, treasure hunts, awards, children can be disguised … A very good opportunity to enjoy with family this fort!

2016: October 28-31

  • The Fortified castle of Rambures (Picardy)

Do you want to tremble in a private castle, during a Halloween party? Ghosts and monsters, inside and outside the castle, dark corridors … Come and spend horrifying evenings at the Rambures castle, with your family! These evenings are however not recommended for very young children.

2016: 0ctober 28-29

  • The Castle of Jehay (Belgium, Liege Province)

Jehay Castle invites you to a night of witches! Monsters, ghosts, skeletons, devils will be waiting for you! Many activities are planned, such as shows, entertainment, face painting, puppets, decorations, concerts, fireworks, storytelling … Do not miss this appointment and book your tickets!

2016: The castle is closed due to restoration works

  • The Castle of Thoiry (Yvelines, Ile-de-France)

Private castle in the middle of an exceptional zoo, the castle  of Thoiry reserves you lots of mysteries for halloween … Former residents will come back to life … Children will make frightening encounters in the park, they will eat spiders and beetles and pass tests inflicted by the monsters if they want to eat some candy …

For older children, a “murder party” is organized. Walking through the dark gardens, solve puzzles by team, collect clues … will you discover who is the killer ghost? Beware of traps…

2016: October 30-31

Activities are different but all are designed to make you shiver with pleasure during a few hours … Do not hesitate and go to one of these castles! Have a memorable time with your family … If you dare go in one of these mansions!