Located in the Dordogne department, Bridoire Castle was built during the fifteenth century. After having been victim of looting and theft, Bridoire castle was bought in 2011 by the Guyot family. This family is passionate about old stone castles and castles. After hours of work, sweat and enthusiasm, and with the help of many volunteers, its members give a new life to the castle of Bridoire.


Bridoire Castle is furnished and inhabited. Indeed, it has been restored and refurbished by the current owners who bought this empty castle. The visit of the castle is free (no guided tour) with an explanatory document. Inside and outside the castle, over 100 older games are available. So you can not only visit the castle but also eat (simple and gourmet meals are available), spend a family day playing and walking. Indeed, the “mysterious valley” is a 3km trail in the castle park strewn with surprises: enigma, rivers, ruins,…


Besides the hundred of available old games, many activities are organized throughout the year: summer nights at the castle (visits by candlelight, concerts, equestrian events, tastings …), an Easter egg hunt, a big party during the Heritage days (equestrian entertainment, military camp, games …), etc.

With the Guyot family, and many volunteers, Bridoire castle revives. Support this property and take part in its resurrection by going to the castle of Bridoire. With the numerous organized activities, you will spend a great family day.