Near Troyes, a masterpiece of the eighteenth century is being revived thanks to the boundless energy and passion of its young owner. We had the pleasure to meet him and to visit the castle of Vaux!

At 3 hours from Luxembourg, 2 hours from Paris, 30 minutes from Troyes, on the holiday route, at the end of an avenue of trees, lies the majestic castle of Vaux. Two geese welcome you at the entrance of this area of 60 hectares, acquired by Edouard Guyot (at age 22), that we had the great chance to meet.

After working a year in the castle of Bridoire (Périgord) and created a decoration materials company, Edouard Guyot hears about Vaux castle in 2014, by a friend. He felt in love with this property when he discovered it. This monument of the eighteenth century is unique! However, the renovation work is titanic! The roof is covered with a shell of metal sheets, wooden structures maintain the ceilings, etc.

Passionate and energetic, Edouard Guyot opened for the first time to the public the gates of the castle, a few weeks after its purchase in July 2015. Various tours are proposed. Some rooms on the ground floor can be visited, as well as cellars. A photo exhibition allows us to imagine the overall condition of the castle.

Furthermore, you can participate in a historical inquiry that will allow you to learn more about one of the owners of the castle: Charles de Maupas. The latter was Minister of the Imperial Police and Paris police prefect. He allowed Louis Napoleon to become emperor (Napoleon III), through a coup. Charles de Maupas bought the estate of Vaux in 1855.

The castle as we see it today is the work of Germain Boffrand then architect of Louis XV and the Duke of Lorraine. He was also, among others, the architect of the castle of Luneville in Lorraine.

At Vaux, more than 40 wooden games, placed inside and outside, allow you to, also, spend a pleasant day with your family. You can also picnic in the shade with stunning views of the castle and its outbuildings.

Do you want to spend holidays in Vaux? It’s possible! Indeed, spacious holiday accomodation and reception rooms have been created in the outbuildings and are available for rental.

This castle is no longer inhabited since the 1930s, the works to be performed are of exceptional magnitude. A crowdfunding campaign has been launched on the website Dartagnans (crowdfunding specialist for cultural heritage), this campaign is now closed, it has been a success. This campaign aims to unveil four life-size statues extended by a set of stone balustrades (Regency period). This set, covered by a sheet metal for over 20 years, overlooks the courtyard of the castle, on the main pediment.

The waterproofing at the foot of statues must be made to protect the roof and the building structure. Work will also include stone cutting and sanding work.

We visited the Chateau de Vaux and we admire the work executed by Edouard Guyot. He has also agreed to answer some additional questions, in addition to having us at Vaux and provided many explanations.

Edouard, according to you, what is the « castle life »?

It’s a lifestyle. We must be aware of our choices, take them on. It’s a real challenge, it’s for life. It is a commitment for 30 years and not for 5 years.

It’s a real challenge, it’s for life!

What’s your biggest challenge?

There’s a lot of work to be undertaken. The challenge is to know how to prioritize them. Only true emergencies have been tackled. The first real work will be the unveiling of the statues through the crowdfunding campaign (now ended). This work is planned for this winter (late 2016 – early 2017).

What are the future plans for Vaux Castle?

One one hand, I would like to open to the public the great avenue facing the castle (2.6 km long), to have a real visibility for the castle. On the other hand, there is the project to save the statues through the crowdfunding campaign.

Edouard, thank you for your welcome! Kudos for your enthusiasm and this masterpiece of the eighteenth century. Do not hesitate and support the castle and the passion of its owner! Whether with family or friends, Vaux worth the trip!

Vaux worth the trip!

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