Hello Thibault, could you introduce yourself in a few words ?

My name is Thibault le Marié. I take over the Château de la Mazure located in Mayenne (France). Landscaper by training, I am now the director of a training organization. It is this activity that allows us to maintain the property and which has enabled us to rehabilitate the annexes of the castle in 2014.

What is the link between your family and la Mazure Castle?

The castle was bought as a wedding dowry in the 1900s. Since then, it has not left the family. We have always tried to keep it in condition to keep it as we have received it: the leather of Cordoba always dresses the large living room and the paper hit in the smoking lounge.

What is the history of the castle? What are the main historical events?

The castle was built in the nineteenth century. It is very new and has no specific history. He even took the name of an old laundry on the locality “la Mazure” to get to the euphemism “Château de la Mazure.” It’s very convenient to explain this complicated term to our foreign clients who come to learn French!

What does this castle represent to you?

“This castle is the place where everything happens, private and professional life.”

After generations who could not keep it “alive”, we strive to repeat the breathing. During school holidays, teenagers scream  (in English of course) in the corridors, executives of large groups can recharge their batteries during the 5 days of immersion. It is a place where we feel good; We have just redesigned the vegetable garden and are trying to create the most pleasant and exciting atmosphere as possible.

According to you, what is “castle life” nowadays?

Unfortunately, in order to achieve a uniform and neat overall, the task is arduous. Following the principle of PARETO, it takes 20% of energy to reach 80% of profit. As we are demanding, we must invest the remaining 80% of energy to achieve the desired result.

“It takes a lot of time for high value things like for trivial things”

So it takes a lot of time for high value things like for trivial things that if you do not do, nobody will. You must both manage the business, farm, woods and ponds, the garden, and best of all, a 100% digital program we have just launched! In short, we must get up early!

What do you organise at la Mazure Castle?

We offer intensive language stays for teens and adults housed in the castle. We welcome the French to learn English (Aude la Marié, my mother, was responsible for the teaching of English at the Aerospace). We also have a cultural, gastronomy and language program for (non French speaking) foreigners who want to discover a unique experience.

Could you tell us more about « Do you cook English » ?

This is a fun project to practice English online. Indeed, no one necessarily wants to work exercises, but by cons, make a recipe “in the English style” is much more motivating! This small project is a way to know the castle and language center.

“Historically chateaux were places in advance of their time in architecture, science, medicine, the arts …”

We are only perpetuate this personal requirement by innovating with both a vegetable garden and a permaculture farm and also with a 100% online project which is the first to go from digital (a website) to humans (recipes to share with friends and family). With the aim to demonstrate that the castles are not just beautiful buildings but also places that can be the basis for many projects of all types, we have just get an innovation grant from the BPI (French Public Investment Bank) to accompany us for this digital project.

Thank you Thibault for this interview!

Website of la Mazure Castle: http://www.chateaulamazure.com/, Website of “Langue & Nature”: http://www.langueetnature.com/?lang=en, Website of « Do you cook English » : http://www.doyoucookenglish.com/, Facebook page of la Mazure Castle: https://www.facebook.com/Ch%C3%A2teau-De-La-Mazure-295570954108948/

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