Autumn announces the end of the tourist season for many castles. Doors close, visitors will come back next year, the streets of tourist villages are emptying, trees lose their leaves, wind starts to pick up, days get shorter, …

The nature changes colors, green becomes orange, summer flowers give way to those of winter, long holidays are over, temperatures drop,…

Fall is also the ideal season for walking, take a breath of fresh air, plan uncrowded cultural tours, end the day with a cup of tea around the fireplace, spend family time, enjoy this nature which evolves, observe the animals of the forest, harvest the fruits of autumn …

Autumn is the favorite season of photographers, and we understand them. The light is very low and extends horizontally, while it descends vertically in summer. We are completely immersed in that light and the colors are beautiful, the perfect time to take pictures!

The tourist season ends, many castles have already closed their doors to reopen next year. However, other castles are still open and it’s the perfect time to enjoy them without too many people around you, which allows you to especially enjoy the visits and take photos with exceptional brightness.

Enjoy the last days of opening to discover these castles in the fall colors:

  •  Château du Lude (Loire)

Already visited a few years and still unforgettable memories! This castle is beautiful, its facades are witnesses of many architectural eras and wonders await you inside. Private property situated in the Loire Valley, you can visit the gardens and vegetable gardens as well as this furnished castle and its treasures. Many activities are organized for young and old people.

Go there soon and with your family! The castle soon closes its doors and the tour is suitable for children, with a booklet intended for them and many activities.

  • Château de Condé (Picardy)

Shows, treasure hunts, exhibitions… Welcome to the château of Condé, private castle which has many secrets. Located in the heart of a park, come visit this furnished castle and participate with your whole family to a treasure hunt. This residence of princes also has a rich collection of tin soldiers.

Enjoy it now, this castle soon closes its doors for the winter season.

  • Château de Villandry (Loire)

This private castle, open all year round, is well known for its gardens and vegetable gardens, and we understand why! Every season, the colors change, the flowers are different, the smells vary … This place is magical and changes over time. Feel free to go and to return at another time of the year, it will be a totally different tour! Whether you are passionate or not by plants, this place is wonderful to visit. The furnished castle can also be visited.

Do not wait and organize a cultural visit in one of those special places!