Each year, an important decision must be made: shall we open the castle to the public for the coming year? Many factors must be taken into account (the benefits, costs, regulations, profitability, renovation …). Choosing to open the castle to the public is a good idea but it is not always possible. For example, Luynes Castle (Loire valley, France), had been open to the public for 39 years, must close its doors due to non-compliance with the new standards imposed by the French state. We hope that this castle will be reopened in the coming years. This castle is a real gem!

Fortunately, there are also very good news.

Le château de Beaumesnil (Normandie, Eure)

Beaumesnil castle belongs to the Furstenberg Foundation, name of its last owners, but is managed by Lancelot Guyot, since last year. Lancelot reopened the castle doors to the public last year, during the month of June, after making some adjustments and renovations. 2016 is the first full season opening to the public. This castle is now the “château des gourmandises” (castles of delicacies) where various activities on the theme of delicacies are organised. The exhibition of the castle is also focused on the theme of the bookbinding.

We had the chance to visit the castle during the month of August 2015 and we have been conquered by the work done in this castle. For sure, there remain arrangements and work to be undertaken but the visit is already very interesting. You may visit the interiors of the castle as well as the park. It is also nice to take the time to walk through this park and enjoy this moment.

Le château des 2 tours (Loiret, Centre-Val de Loire)

Abandoned for centuries, the Two Towers castle is enjoying a renaissance! Since 2007, a theater company has organized shows in the barn and gardens. For 5 years, the garden has undergone major transformations. On June 24 2016, the garden will be open to the public and it will be an opportunity for everyone to walk around and discover the ruins of the castle.

Thanks to the motivation and enthusiasm of two young architects (“D’une pierre, 2 coups”) and many volunteers, ruins restoration projects are underway! This summer, a first renovation work with volunteers (organized by the ‘Rempart’ association) will take place to restore the surrounding wall of the castle. Do you want to discover an enchanting garden in the middle of ruins? To attend a theatrical performance? To participate in the restoration project of the Two Tours castle ruins? Go to the castle!

Le château de Vaux (Aube, Champagne-Ardenne)

Bought by Edouard Guyot, brother of Lancelot (Manager of Beaumesnil Castle), the castle of Vaux is undergoing some serious reconstruction! The work required is titanic but the castle was already visit, it is even possible to sleep there (rental cottages). The castle has been open to the public last year but 2016 will be the first complete tourist season. It is possible to visit the castle, although it is still under restoration, the park, to participate in an exciting and historical investigation and to participate in historic games.

We recommend you this visit, having regard the renovation that must be done, the motivation of the young owner but also the many organized activities there.


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